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Keep Your Grass Free of Pests and Weeds
with Lawn Treatments

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn is achieved not only through regular applications of fertilizer and frequent watering but also through lawn treatments. Grub control, crabgrass prevention, and soil conditioning are just some of the many treatments we provide to keep your grass healthy and looking its best so pests, weeds, and other common problems don't cause further havoc for your lawn.

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Grub Control

White grubs are turf-damaging insects that feed on the root system of grass plants. Left untreated, grubs are capable of doing severe damage in a short period of time. When the infestation is heavy, the turf can actually be rolled back like a carpet or tore up by wildlife.

Crabgrass Preventer

Applying a professional-grade preemergence in the spring will help control crabgrass and some 40 other weeds. Our crabgrass preventer is a straight preemergence and is not coated on a fertilizer. Therefore, it is much more effective than retail products and lasts longer. With our crabgrass preventer, you can stop crabgrass from germinating and causing further damage to your lawn.

Soil Conditioner

Soil conditioner is applied to replenish nutrients that have been depleted over time. Our soil conditioner also helps rebalance the pH of the soil so water and fertilizers are more effective. Soil conditioner also helps break apart clay adobe soils.