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Well Maintained Lawn

Encourage a Healthier, More Beautiful Yard
with Lawn Dethatching

Thatch is a dense mat, an accumulation of roots, stems, and grass clippings between the soil and the visible green vegetation. Thatch prevents the penetration of oxygen, fertilizers, and water from reaching into the soil where they are needed. Thatch also creates a breeding ground for fungus and turf-damaging insects. Every time you mow the lawn, more thatch builds up. This creates an even denser barrier to the nutrients your lawn needs. Lawn dethatching efficiently removes the thatch buildup, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to get to the root system.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best

Allow us to dethatch your lawn before you apply fertilizer to encourage healthy growth and a beautiful lawn. Thatch removal is an important part of any lawn maintenance program and will keep your yard looking its best year after year.

Dethatching Illustration